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    *Please note that in any circumstance, we can not issue the refund or make any changes on your purchase of the package campaign. 


    Special Puls

    Facial Treatment

    Men's and Ladies Special Puls Facial Treatment

    Our facial treatments infuse the skin with vital nutrients, fibroblasts, and long-lasting hydration, with no harmful chemicals, painful needles, or skin damage.


    Men's & Ladies

    Hair Removal

    Men's and Ladies Hair Removal

    Our NPL hair removal uses only safe light energy to achieve dramatic permanent results and takes 50% less time to complete than other hair removal procedures.


    Face Tightening

    & Lift up

    Face Tightening and Liftup Treatment

    The Endoroller machine addresses face imperfections, stimulating blood flow, oxygenation and improving lymphatic drainage. 


    Body Tightening

    Body Tightening Treatment

    Our innovative Endoroller machine acts on improving local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reducing the appearance of cellulite.  




    Reiki Healing

    Jikiden Reiki is the pure energy healing modality that originated in Japan. It has original thought without modern influence.

    Natural Beauty Models

    Referral Campaign

    Everything is Better with Your Friend!

    Bring Your Friend and Receive $50 OFF for You and Your Friend! 

    *For hair removal over $100 treatment

    **Referral Campaign is valid all year round.

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